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Essential Guide to using Human Centered Design to audit and enhance resource disbursing strategies

This guide is for resource disbursing organizations looking to better connect with their grantees or community organizations they support.

Hi Y’all!

As we just officially launched Ham Designs, I brainstormed upon what our first article would be. As an organization that was birthed during the pandemic, I had the great opportunity to work and collaborate with various resource supporting organizations. Additionally, as a cofounder of an entrepreneur support organization, I've learned to implement and embrace Human-Centered Design in my processes to disburse limited funding or resources in an effective and efficient way. This has given me the privilege to see the pathway of resource disbursement through different lenses while growing sensitive to the community we serve.

I would love to introduce to you the first e-book from Ham Designs: “The Ultimate Guide for using Human Centered Design to audit & enhance your strategy for building a diverse funding network as a Resource Supporting Organization.

Human Centered Design is best described as a technique used for decision makers and decision influencers looking to get to the root of a situation by focusing on the people impacted by this particular scenario they are solving for. Through this process, instead of creating a solution based on perception, you create a nimble place where the community impacted by the decision is at the center.

This approach dives into a particular problem while auditing programming or processes functionalities. Human Centered Design is trusted amongst innovators as it considers the human or the end user at the center of the initiative while creating long lasting effective solutions to solving the everyday harder problems.

About this book

In this book we wanted to introduce a tested technique we use in technology and innovation to the way we create our theory of change or strategic plans to better disburse our resources in the philanthropic or social impact investing realm.

When taking a holistic approach to connecting the right resources to t