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My goal is to help leaders, founders, and businesses, across the social impact and  healthcare sector, bring their ideas to life. I’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects, always exceeding my clients’ expectations. Take a look at my projects below.

Social Impact Campaign Development

We specialize in creating custom social impact campaigns that meet the specific needs of our clients. We take the time to listen to what you are looking for and then develop a concept that suits your needs. Our process is thorough and tailored to each individual client, ensuring that we create the most impactful campaign possible.

View some examples

A Social Impact Accelerator




MaconThon is a social impact accelerator that we developed as founders of Macon Black Tech. This 3 month programs was birthed out of the necessity to support, nurture, and create a community for creatives, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and technologists in the Middle Georgia area. Local innovators went through the design thinking process to develop an idea from concept to prototype.

Social Impact Campaign

Macon Mental Health Matters

We love our friends at MMHM. Through this relationship, we helped them develop their strategic plans  and structure to further develop their program, while doing so, we created a website that would help them educate the community on the services they offer.


A Mental Health Initiative


Macon Mental Health Matters

Virtual Events

When you think virtual events, you might think a simple one layer meeting. But does it really have to be this boring? We specialize in creating memorable virtual experiences for our clients.

Virtual Events

On The Table 

Through this initiative, we were able to help the Community Foundation of Central Georgia launch the 2020 On The Table initiative for 3 sectors: Macon, Milledgeville, and Central Georgia ( covering the additional locations in Middle Georgia). Through this, we created their event platform, trained their attendees, and created the 3 websites for all 3 locations. 

Lecture Hall Tutor

A Community Initiative


On The Table Macon

Website Development

Our website packages are designed to meet the needs of any organization, from a simple landing page to a complex, multi-layered website. We have developed websites for community-centric organizations that range from small businesses to large nonprofits or social impact orgs. Below are some examples of the different types of websites we've created.


Jones Cafe

​Jones Cafe is an initiative by the phenomenal social innovator Tonja Khabir.  With this project we helped her develop her website that focuses on educating her audience on what Jones cafe is.

Jazz Musician

Jump-Starter Website


Jones Cafe

Attractive Young Woman

A Social Innovator Website

Dr. Ansley Alicia

Dr. Ansley Alicia

Dr. Ansley Alicia is a renowned expert on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, who provides critical insights and perspective through her consulting and speaking engagements. With this project, we were able to create a website that would showcase her work and provide a platform for her to share her knowledge with the world.


 C-Qul's mission is to reduce the barriers to effective mental health care and to create opportunities for community members to create quality lives. This non profit helps their local community in a plethora of ways. We were able to create a website for them to have a web presence.

Turquoise Couch

A community driven organization



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Infusing Empathy through Design

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