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The Human behind the brand


Lean Six Sigma 

Green Belt

 Young Business Leader of the year

Design Thinking Certification

Emerging Leader

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Christele Parham, MBA

CEO of

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As an INFJ and empath, early on Christele knew she wanted to live a holistic life where her career, spiritual, and personal life reflected using her empath abilities to better nurture the community she served. Learning human centered design allowed her to to  grow in her skill of developing  initiatives that were at the core of amplifying voices of the under represented and marginalized communities.

She has been named the 2021 Young Business Leader of the Year by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce and an Emerging Leader by  NewTown Macon.

Our Core Values


At Ham Designs, we value integrity above all else. We believe in being accountable and responsible for our actions, and we always go the extra mile to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. This commitment to excellence is what drives us to o show up and nurture our community.


At our core, we value empathy and believe that it should be a guiding force in life. We understand that everyone experiences things differently and so we strive to create an inclusive space for all. 

Strategic Partnerships

At Ham Designs, we believe in synergy. This means that we work with experts in different fields to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are constantly learning and evolving to make sure that we can always provide the best service possible.


Community is at the heart of what we do at Ham Designs. We're passionate about building strong communities because we believe that they are the key to a thriving society. From our design and planning services to our outreach and engagement programs, everything we do is focused on community building.

Core Values
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Infusing Empathy through Design

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