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Your Audience 

 on   an 

Empathetic   Level

Here’s what we know

  • You’re ready to break free of the systems that are no longer serving us.

  • You’re ready to take your part in creating solutions where your audience feels welcomed. 

  • Your mind is split in a million directions running your business.

  • You don’t have to do it alone.

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 We’re here to help!
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Hi. We Are                              

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Our passion is your project.

We’re all about providing you with the maps and tools to ensure your next campaign is not only functional… 

But it ALSO:


  • Calls in a more diverse audience than traditional marketing.

  • Provides a connection with that audience where they feel heard and safe.

  • Places your message at the center of your campaign rather than watering it down behind branding.

Want to learn more about what we do and why?
We’ve got you covered 

About Me

Who is Christele?

Hello! I'm Christele. I'm an INFJ and love creating safe spaces

I am a creative introvert that helps companies develop initiatives and websites that are sensitive to their users' experience. A sensitive sense of empathy and a passion for disrupting the norm, allows me to strategically walk my clients from developing social impact initiatives from concept to launching. Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients and their audience feel like they found a place where their voice is being heard. 

Ready to work with me?


Choose the Way To Move Away From Implicitness

Let's work together

Inform, educate, and reach “face to face” through a human touch and diversity lens.

Learn how to effectively diversify the reach of your audience by understanding who they are.

Ready to start a campaign for your community? Turn your awareness into action.

Create a website that reaches your audience using a

human-centered design framework.

Do you need to disrupt your current process in your organization or project?

In a Meeting
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Regardless of your company’s journey,

we have the solution for you.

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