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Creating Safe Spaces through creativity, tech, and innovation

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          is an all-in-one innovation consulting agency that helps companies launch initiatives with the user in mind. 

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We believe in creating safe spaces where the end-user feels connection through authentic empathy. 

It all started with seeing my grandma Elita and my great aunt Carmen as innovative entrepreneurs.  They are my inspiration and may their memory live on

It continued on with Hamtech Solutions, a family-owned HIPAA + Cybersecurity +
Tech Consultancy Firm...


While working with several businesses and organizations,   

I took on an innovation contract that introduced me to the concept of human-centered design. 

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The human-centered design concepts unlocked the secret sauce of my natural empath tendencies. Now I'm grateful to say, I work to apply the human-centered design pillars with every campaign I touch. Through these campaigns and social impact led initiates, I've enjoyed creating true change to make audiences feel welcomed and heard.

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Ready to start your campaign today?

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Infusing Empathy through Design

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