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Infusing Empathy Through Design

We offer empathy driven digital solutions to healthcare organizations and foundations so they can engage with diverse communities.

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Serving Healthcare & Social Impact Focused Organizations

We believe that design can be a powerful tool for positive social change. We work with forward-thinking organizations to create products, services, and campaigns that are driven by empathy and meet the needs of a diverse range of end users. Our process is tailor-made to help our clients overcome communication barriers so they can provide greater access to vital resources.


What We Offer

Our b2b company uses an empathy lens to create tools that help clients develop campaigns focused on diversity, community engagement, and ecosystem development. Additionally, we offer workshops and consulting services to help clients generate ideas using a human-centered design approach. Our goal is to help our clients develop ideas and campaigns that improve the quality of their client's  lives and the lives of those around them.

Social Impact Community Campaign Development




Who We Serve

At Ham Designs, we are dedicated to creating data driven creative solutions that empower and connect. We partner with a diverse range of organizations committed to making a difference in their communities and beyond. Our clients include:


We help foundations enhance their impact through strategic design that communicates their missions and mobilizes resources effectively. Our designs ensure your philanthropic vision reaches the right audiences.

Tech Consulting Firms

We work with tech consulting firms to create sleek, innovative designs that resonate with a tech-savvy audience while maintaining usability and functionality across diverse platforms.

Healthcare Organizations

For healthcare providers, clear communication can be life-saving. We design intuitive websites and data dashboards that make complex information accessible and actionable for patients and professionals alike.

Ecosystem Building Organizations

Our designs help ecosystem builders connect innovators, investors, and other key stakeholders. We ensure your digital presence matches your dynamic, collaborative spirit.

Mental Health Organizations

We support mental health organizations by crafting designs that speak with sensitivity and clarity. Our solutions help these organizations reach out to communities, share resources, and reduce stigma through thoughtful engagement.


Nonprofits strive to make a substantial impact with limited resources. We amplify your message through compelling designs that capture the essence of your mission and engage your audience meaningfully.

And more...

Whether you're a startup, educational institution, or public service organization, we adapt our design expertise to meet your unique challenges and opportunities.

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Hi! I'm Christele

Founder of Ham Designs

Build Transformative Solutions w/ humans that care

We specialize in helping our clients understand their customers better, and designing products and services that meet their needs. We follow human-centered design principles to ensure that our solutions are effective and tailored to the specific goals of each project. Our team is experienced in empathy consulting and can help you create an outstanding user experience for your customers.

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Trusted Among Industry Leaders

 We've worked with a variety of industry leaders and have designed campaigns and products that are tailored to their specific audiences. Our services have helped these companies connect with their customers in new and innovative ways. We're extremely proud of the work we've done and look forward to continuing our partnership with these amazing companies.

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What Our Clients Say

“Wow Christele!
Thank you for this website. What I appreciate is not only the aesthetic but the thought process that went behind what my company's process is like to make sure that we save time in our customer experience process.”

Website Client

“I appreciate the support and the ability to pivot and provide the necessary communication when needed. Overall Ham Designs has an epic ability to  strategize with efficiency and to make sure things make sense overall The level of professionalism and patience is impeccable.”

Social Impact Campaign Development Client

“I just wanted to express my gratitude  to you and the team for the friendly tech experience you offered.  At 1st I thought you were part of the org throwing this event than I realized you were working 12+ hr shifts to make sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you for making things  easy for us attendees”