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Why Ham Designs

Because shifting for a social impact isn’t partial job for surface branding.

The world is shifting right now.

I know you feel it.

So long are the days when we let a single voice outshine all others.

It’s time to provide safe spaces for everyone, all the voices, all the backgrounds, all the people.

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You are able to provide that for your company and those you serve.

So why is it that despite all the marketing and branding services you tried, you’re still attracting the same single-voice you’ve always attracted?

It’s because all the traditional marketing you’ve come across before has had all the wrong focus.


  1. They’ve provided an image.

  2. They developed a strategy.

But focus on the surface level always left your message in the dark.

We do the work and research to fully bring your message to life.

Imagine providing a table big enough to invite all the diverse voices in. There is room for everyone.

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It’s Time To Be Intentional About Delivering Your Message


The most important part of delivering your message is your audience 

Because when you know who you’re talking to, it’s a lot easier to open that conversation. It’s what will make them feel welcomed, safe, and ready to work with you.

Reaching Your Audience With Ease.

The foundations of Ham Designs were specifically designed to open up the connections between you and your audience.

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End User

Making the conscious decision to expand your audience means that you are part of the solution to building a better community. But, you can’t expand that audience if you’re still delivering your message the same way you’ve always delivered it.
It’s all about the end user, who they are, where their experiences have taken them, and what they need. Let’s cut through the surface branding and reach them where they are.

Building an empathetic relationship with your audience is key to a real connection with them. If you understand their experiences and intentions behind actions, it makes it easier to communicate and shift where they need you to be. (Rather than communicate what you need from them.)

Building Empathy

Human Design Solutions

Based off of your company’s goals and the audience you’re looking to connect with, we will develop solutions for you to reach them. Our due diligence includes extensive research about how to target and connect in ways that matter to the actual people involved.

Ham Designs was designed so companies like yours can have a messaging system that works below surface level.

Our Services

Each custom-designed service is built specifically for your goals within the communities you want to serve.

Website Design

Web Design Development

Create a visually appealing web design that calls in your audience and provides a safe place of understanding.

Image by Amélie Mourichon

Social Impact Community Campaign Development

Yup. We can all make a social impact. It’s just a matter of calling in the right people to help make that happen.

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Virtual Events

Connecting “face to face” to implement education and participation. We’ll help you plan your impactful event and market it with your message front and center.

Image by Austin Distel

Customer Journey Mapping

What’s happening to your customers from the moment they say hello to the moment they leave with a finished product?

Image by Leon

Design Thinking Workshops

As in, let’s get creative with how we’re calling people to our table.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Human Centered Design Consulting

The most impactful campaigns are the ones that actually work to reach the humans you want to connect with.

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We know how branding goes.
You want it all to be perfect. Pristine.
You want to give the impression that you’re the go-to professional who knows all the ins and outs in your niche.

Here’s the thing, though. Perfection isn’t real.
Because the moment everything is perfectly pristine, you lose your voice. *Gasp* 

And the second you lose your voice, you’re like Ariel on land. Trying so hard to communicate a message and no one is actually hearing it.

“But, I still need to be seen as the expert, right?”

And once we know who your clients are and what your company means to them, we can send your message in a way that makes a direct connection.
And the more you actually connect, the more trust you build with future clients.
And… the more your message is actually heard.

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Infusing Empathy through Design

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