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The Ham Designs’ Column

Our purpose is to carve the paths for companies and businesses like yours to diversify their audience in an easy and effective way. 

We do this by focusing on the audience and developing empathy so the necessary conversations can happen.

Personally, we’re pretty happy seeing more and more companies step up to the plate and asking for our help.



And, if you’d like to know how you can do more to ensure your business focuses on human-centered design in your campaigns across the board, we’re providing you with articles you may find beneficial.

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The Audience Experience

The number one rule in creating a positive social media campaign is to understand your audience on their level of engagement. Here, we’ll break down ways to practice empathizing with them to create a stronger bond and a better user experience.

Learn how you can develop a DEI lens in all aspects of your business, including reaching your audience through social campaigns.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Businesses We’ve Helped Expand

We have had the pleasure to work with many businesses to expand their reach within their communities. See the campaigns we developed and how our partnerships have used them to make a social impact.